Where it all began

While our still was commissioned in 2016, the real
story began in the Huon Valley in the mid 1800’s with
ex-convict and resourceful character, Charles Oates…



It’s Charles’ descendants who continue to
grow apples throughout the Huon Valley today.

Our uniquely crafted spirits are produced with these apples,
that are pressed, fermented, distilled and aged on the farm. 

Apple spirit

The purest aromatic expression
of Tassie apples – cider twice distilled.

charles oates

A complex, well-structured, generous liqueur – inspired by North-West France.

charles oates
Apple Brandy

Each barrel is aged for over four years to fully develop into our finest Apple Spirit.

Experience the Charles Oates Distillery

Head south from Hobart into the Huon Valley and join
us for a tour of our distillery where we’ll introduce you
to the process of creating our unique cider spirits.

Latest News

Our long awaited Pommeau

Every sommelier, bartender and distillery tour visitor who’s had a cheeky barrel sample, has been clamouring to get their hands on our Pommeau, so we’re delighted to finally launch it!
– Charles Oates Co-Founder, Sam Reid

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Our 100th barrel filled

Our alembic charentais still has been fired up and producing pure apple spirit since late 2016. Run fastidiously by our dedicated distiller Ronan, it took all of us by surprise when we realised the latest barrel to be filled was a milestone 100th cask!

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