Where it all began


Our story began in the 19th century when colourful characters like the resourceful ex-convict Charles Oates and his family planted the first apple trees in the Huon Valley.

It’s these scenic orchards that are now our backyard and the home to our distillery.

The Tale of Charles Oates


So who is Charles Oates?

Like most great Tasmanian stories, this self made individual arrived from England as a convict in 1844. He didn’t resign himself to his fate and swung his fortunes around to become a pioneers of the Valley.

Visit our distillery today and you’ll be standing¬† amongst a little piece of the land empire that Oates built for himself and his family.

Meet Antoinette


We’re not the first to distill apples, the French have been making Calvados for centuries.

They’re the experts in this business so we commissioned Australia’s first alembic Charentais copper still (that’s what they use) to craft our Spirits.

Come visit her, she’s called Antoinette.

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